Courage: A Part of the Heroic Journey

Puget Sound Worship Collaborative for the Cedars, Northlake, and Saltwater UU Churches: Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee, Minister of Northlake UU Church.

Movie directors teach that all films are based on the story told in The Wizard of Oz: that we all journey through life to come … read more.

It Takes Practice

Cedars will join on Zoom for a virtual service lead by Matt Meyer and members of the Worship Associates

Our favorite songs, whoever the artist or whatever the style, were created in a strange alchemy of study and inspiration, of strict practice and of letting go.

Spiritual Practice is a similar combination … read more.


Cedars will join with Rev. Kristen Kuriga at Saltwater UU Church for a virtual service exploring the theme of Compassion.

To access this virtual worship experience, click on the link below at the appropriate time.

Compassion means to suffer with. It is part of the human experience to feel … read more.