Thanksgiving Cheer

Would you like to spread a little cheer this holiday season? The Bainbridge Island Senior Community Center is partnering with Island Volunteer Caregiver volunteers to provide Thanksgiving meals to those in need. Here’s how you can help: provide a card or note of cheer to include with the meal delivery.

  • We ask that the card include an uplifting message to their island neighbor.
  • Because we are serving people of different faiths, we ask that the message not be religious in nature, but of course, can include messages of thanks, hope, love and peace.
  • We ask that the card or note be provided on its own without an envelope (so we have the opportunity to match certain letters with certain receivers as appropriate).
  • We ask that you sign the letter with your first name, initials, or simply “from your island neighbor.”

Drop off cards in a drop box at Helen Nissani’s home by the end of the day on Tuesday November 24th and a Cedars member will take them to the Senior Community Center.