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Cedars UU Church is excited to host outdoor gatherings and meetings throughout the summer. As the UUA firmly says, we UUs may take slightly more cautious steps than our state. We will follow the science—Kitsap Health Department and CDC guidelines for infection rates and other COVID tracking indicators. The good news is that we are beginning to gather together this summer!

As of July 1, we will follow the COVID mitigation strategies below for the highest safety at our upcoming Cedars outdoor events this summer:

  1. If unvaccinated, you’ll need to wear a mask and socially distance from others.
    a.     This includes any children or adults.
    b.     Consider wearing a mask even if vaccinated to show solidarity.
  2. We will serve only pre-packaged food and beverages (single servings).
    a.     If concerned for oneself, bring your own food and beverage.
    b.     No shared food or buffet-style offerings (like platters of home baked cookies).
  3. Use the hand sanitizer (pump bottle; use elbow) at several locations at the gathering/meeting.
    a.     At front entry for those arriving; 1 or 2 elsewhere, depending on size of meeting.
  4. Complete the Cedars COVID Safety Form (only 4 basic y/n questions) when arriving at entry or fill out and submit prior to entering gathering.
    a.     If anyone answers that they’re currently ill, have been exposed to COVID in past two weeks, or tested positive in past two weeks, they cannot attend the gathering and must leave to protect others.

There are several coffee hours and other gatherings planned for this summer. These guidelines also apply to committee meetings and any Cedars-run activities. The gathering host or Committee Chair needs to be responsible for setting up the hand sanitizer stations and completing the COVID Safety form and returning it to Carolyn Kerns after the meeting (in case of contact tracing). More information for hosts will be available at the Cedars office and on the webpage next week (after July 5).

We are all excited to meet again as a community and spiritual congregation and we want to make sure we are as safe as possible for our WHOLE community.

Last Updated: July 8, 2021