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Join the Pastoral Care Team

Caring for one another is a core Unitarian practice, and the Cedars Pastoral Care Team is central to this ministry. We can offer a listening presence, connection, and hope to members of our Cedars community in times of need. We send cards, make phone calls, … read more.

Special Collection for The West Sound Wildlife Shelter

This month our Cedars congregation will participate in a special service project at the Center. In addition, recognizing further environmental justice opportunities in this effort, we are asking all members to consider making a special donation to this wonderful facility and program. As with other … read more.

Amazon Donates to Cedars!

Amazon has a charitable donation program called AmazonSmiles. If you are an Amazon customer, you can register so that Cedars will receive a small donation every time you make a purchase, It is easy to register and costs you nothing!If you are an Amazon customer follow the … read more.

Chalice Circle Invitation

Are you interested in meeting regularly with people to listen and learn and to deepen your spiritual connections to yourself and your community? Consider joining a Cedars Chalice Circle!

What Is a Chalice Circle?

Chalice Circles are groups of 8-10 committed participants who come together with a … read more.

Introducing YUUP

Do you know any high school students who would like to explore Unitarian Universalism with other high schoolers? YUUP (the Young Unitarian Universalists Project) is launching a platform to connect high school youth from around the country. They are hosting a launch party  November 14th at … read more.

A Request

Do you have an unused iPad or tablet gathering dust? 
Cedars is committed to providing virtual services during our pandemic isolation, but participation requires appropriate equipment. Some of our members or friends consequently don’t have access and would appreciate your generosity if you have such devices … read more.

A Special Note from Rev. Zackrie

The recent United States Supreme Court appointment is worrying to many folks and for many reasons. 

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community and find yourself suddenly needing to get married for legal protections, contact me. I am willing to officiate small socially distanced weddings … read more.

Join the Worship Tech Team

The Worship Tech Team is looking to add a few more members. Since September Rhonda Peacock and Tyler Weaver have been busy each week editing and broadcasting our virtual services. They’ve done an amazing job with this, but since we are likely to be holding services this way for … read more.

Reform Our Justice System: Targeting the Poor

Banning debt-based drivers license suspensions is a goal of the Kitsap Equity, Race, And Community Engagement Coalition, Kitsap ERACE. The organization’s criminal justice team added the objective to its list of collective actions after conferring with those working with impacted people.

Your license can be suspended if … read more.

A Special Message

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made donations through our Halloween Fundraiser.

Together, we raised $9,122 of this year’s goal of $13,500!! Wahoo!

The FUNdraising Committee is regrouping now and exploring all sorts of ideas for upcoming FUNdraisers. Come join us in this creative activity!

As you may know, … read more.