Belonging at Cedars

More Stories are Welcome

As Anita Sands writes,
“...diversity is a fact (the numbers are what they are), inclusion is a choice (you decide whether to include someone or not), but belonging is a feeling that can be enforced by a culture that you can purposefully create.”

At the January 10 congregational meeting, members of the congregation shared stories of experiences that had made them feel they belonged at Cedars, as well as when they felt excluded.

These stories are being gathered in support of a board initiative to make Cedars the most welcoming and inclusive place it can be, and the storytelling will continue during coffee hours after the services on February 14, March 14, and April 11. The process will culminate at the congregational meeting in June with goals and actions that can help us become the congregation we hope to be.

If you are uncomfortable sharing your story in this relatively public forum, feel free to contact Rev. Zackrie, Dawna Kramer or other Cedars board members.