Month: May 2020

UUA General Assembly

A Transformative Experience: Virtual GA
June 24-28

Virtual General Assembly (VGA) 2020 will offer all Unitarian Universalists an opportunity to gather and deepen connections with each other and our faith. In addition to the General Sessions, Synergy, Service of the Living Tradition, and Sunday worship, registered attendees also … read more.

Religious Education News

RE Classes Suspended

RE Classes will not meet again until worship services resume at The Island School.

-The Religious Education Committee 

Staying Connected Through Shelter-in-Place

How to Communicate NowDuring the Shelter-in-Place, your Cedars staff and Board of Trustees continue to conduct church business and to work on your behalf. We are following practices that consider the health and well-being of our Cedars community. You can find information and fellowship through … read more.

In Our Community

Cedars member, Carol Ann Davidson, will be teaching an online Chair Yoga class through Dayaalu Center. There is a pre-recorded free class for you to try, and there will be Zoom live-stream classes on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. Thursday classes will be offered with sliding scale … read more.

Cedars Event Sales-Update

Rescheduling Events: Through the Washington Safe Start plan, more businesses and activities are scheduled to re-open in phases with adequate social distancing measures and health standards in place. Each phase will be at least three weeks in length–data and metrics will determine when the state can move … read more.

Meals for Anyone Who Needs Them

At this time of physical distancing, the Bainbridge Super Suppers have been suspended. But, thankfully, there are creative local efforts that have assured that those who need meals can get them. The Social Action Committee would like to highlight and applaud these programs. If you know anyone … read more.